Part 0 of 5, Pass Along EP throwback!

Part 0 of 5, Pass Along EP throwback! A long, long time ago…waaaaaaay back in the summer of 2014 I released a five song EP, Pass Along. Pass Along, New Heartbeat, Back in Your Arms, Dandelions, and Mankind. (Bonus trivia information… EP stands for Extended Play. My understanding is that extended play is longer than a one-track single, duh, but shorter than an album. Why wouldn’t an album be considered extended play? Beats me… albums are normally 10 songs or more! That’s an extended music playtime of probably 20-40 minutes more than an EP. I digress, but now when you hear “I have an EP coming out,” or “I just got the latest Tricia Fox EP,” you know that they are talking about something that

Absence: Behind the Song

Attached is an mp3 of Absence as well as the lyrics. Following your own preferences, you can read the explanation first, second, while listening to the song, or after reading the lyrics. The songs were recorded on my laptop in the newly designated music room in our home. Pictures were yet to be hung, we only had cajons (wooden box hand drums. WARNING: do NOT google Cajons… I made that mistake at work once and had an awkward conversation with IT which they found hilarious and I was just embarrassed not to mention scarred for life) for chairs, and an old rug passed down from my parents lay on top of new carpet in an attempt to “add character” to the room. It worked. I love being in this room a

Words: Behind the Song

*If you have read Absence feel free to skip the next two paragraphs! As a part of my master’s capstone I submitted two songs that I had written during the program with the story behind each song. I did that because I needed to share my own voice. I absolutely loved my masters program. The people, the subject, the growth: though if I am being honest, academia has always been a struggle for me. In the academic world there is a particular way of knowing, doing, and sharing that hasn’t and didn’t come naturally to me. Social Work published an inspired editorial piece by Ann Hartman titled “Many Ways of Knowing,” where she describes the limits of one avenue of research or way of knowing. Basical

Where has Tricia even been?!

You may be wondering, “is Tricia still doing music?”, “Where has she been?”, “I didn’t know you even had a website, why is there nothing on here?” or “I’m hungry what’s for lunch?” If you are wondering any of these things… this update is for you (and as for lunch… I’m super into bacon salads lately… it’s as tasty and as somewhat healthy as it sounds. Recipe: add bacon to salad.) Update on 2015! I feel like there should be some sort of clear the air type of “I know I have neglected my website and music career and people who might want to follow it” post. So here it is an update and what I’m excited to share with you in the future! 2015 was one wonderfully packed year of change for me. For st

What would you like?

I have some blogs up my sleeves including feminism and lyrics, censorship and music (hint, I'm not for it), and positive playlists. If you have anything you'd like me to write about please let me know. I just might write it! 

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