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About Patreon


The music industry is rapidly changing and the relationship between artists and fan is closer than ever through the wonders of the internet and social media. Apart from merchandise and shows, there’s also A LOT of free content out there (blogs, videos, recordings just like you find on my page!) This is great for consumers and artists because we get to share what we love with people who love (or at least like) us back! However, because of bills and life… which is great, but not free, artists are left with so much to give but without the time and resources to give it.


ENTER the AMAZING people at Patreon.


They have provided a platform for people like you to support artists like me by

giving a reoccurring pledge (from $1 a month to as many $’s as you’d like) to create and share what we love to do with those who love to hear/see/read it. You get to be a patron of the arts!


Similar to an ongoing kickstarter or indiegogo, not only do you get to support artists but they get to thank you with rewards (or as I like to call them heart felt love bombs…. Or gratitude bombs… bombs probably isn’t the best word choice. Can gratidues be a noun? Autocorrect says no, but I say yes, so that’s what they are!)


So if you want to follow my music, support my monthly wellbeing playlists, and keep in touch with the conversation about lyrics and wellbeing... consider becoming a patron of my page! From monthly postcards, personalized songs, access to content before it’s released, patron only live web concerts and more! Check out my pledge video and rewards here and please know that if you aren’t able to support now… anytime you listen to my songs, read my blogs, share my work with friends and family it means the world to me! Thank you and I am so grateful! 

Campaign Video coming soon!

Stay in the loop until the official launch! 

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