Part 0 of 5, Pass Along EP throwback!

Part 0 of 5, Pass Along EP throwback!

A long, long time ago…waaaaaaay back in the summer of 2014 I released a five song EP, Pass Along. Pass Along, New Heartbeat, Back in Your Arms, Dandelions, and Mankind. (Bonus trivia information… EP stands for Extended Play. My understanding is that extended play is longer than a one-track single, duh, but shorter than an album. Why wouldn’t an album be considered extended play? Beats me… albums are normally 10 songs or more! That’s an extended music playtime of probably 20-40 minutes more than an EP. I digress, but now when you hear “I have an EP coming out,” or “I just got the latest Tricia Fox EP,” you know that they are talking about something that has more songs than a single and less songs than an album. I’ll take obscure music information for 100 points! You’re welcome.) Back to the EP…

I worked really hard on my first group of fully produced songs and two days after its release it was number 7 on iTunes for singer/songwriter EPs and Singles!

This means two things to me: 1) That my family, friends, and people I have met along the way were so kind and eager to support something that has been a long time in coming. I am grateful, lucky, and slightly suspicious that they are just being nice and not actually that interested, but also knowing with confidence that they are the best. 2) It means that those people actually shared my EP with other people who also downloaded it! Support from family and friends is always priceless. They are they ones you go to when you feel insecure, unprepared, excited, thirsty, and when you have new jokes. But strangers? People who don’t know me and listen to my music… that gets you in the heart every time.

It also happens that a few days later the fullest year of my life began. To recap the year Summer 2014 to Summer 2015, I moved to a new city (Hi, Austin!), started a long distance, year-long masters program in Philadelphia (Quaker and MAPPster love!), and planned a wedding (Dave is the best and also I think planning a wedding should legitimately go on a résumé. Project management galore!). As you can imagine with these major life changes, papers, projects, and things like such as… my carefully created and loved EP temporarily fell to the wayside. I’m a firm believer that it’s never to late and now is the time to share what I am so proud of!

As a part of my masters capstone, I submitted two songs that I wrote during the program with the story behind each song. I did that because I needed to share my own voice. I absolutely loved my masters program. The people, the subject, the growth; though, if I am being honest, academia has always been a struggle for me. In that world, there is a particular way of knowing, doing, and sharing that hasn’t and didn’t come naturally to me. In an inspired editorial piece by Ann Hartman titled “Many Ways of Knowing,” she describes the limits of one avenue of research or way of knowing. Basically she says that there are many truths and many ways of knowing. Each deepens our understanding and adds another dimension to our view of the world. As far back as I can remember my avenue has been music. My truth has always been felt first and articulated second, allowing a synergy between music and lyrics.

I also read Sara Bareilles’ book, Sounds Like Me: My Life (so far) in Song, and fell in love with her honesty, storytelling, and ability to just share. She's not trying to sound a particular way or impress anybody. It was refreshing and I decided that I wanted to, needed to, was going to… do the same. Honest storytelling through the songs themselves and the story behind the songs. This process totally saved me from myself and gave me the added resilience I needed to finish my capstone. I absolutely loved writing these and it dawned on me… this would be a great way for me to reconnect with the songs on my EP, share them with you, and scatter bits of information about positive psychology, music, and lyrics just for fun! The first of the series will be the first track on my EP - and the song I wrote to help me just do it already (record and release my songs) - Pass Along.

Tricia Fox is a singer songwriter, thought leader on lyrics and wellbeing, and master of applied positive psychology from the university of Pennsylvania. Join the conversation on lyrics and well-being and to stay up to date on Tricia's music.

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