Where has Tricia even been?!

You may be wondering, “is Tricia still doing music?”, “Where has she been?”, “I didn’t know you even had a website, why is there nothing on here?” or “I’m hungry what’s for lunch?” If you are wondering any of these things… this update is for you (and as for lunch… I’m super into bacon salads lately… it’s as tasty and as somewhat healthy as it sounds. Recipe: add bacon to salad.)

Update on 2015!

I feel like there should be some sort of clear the air type of “I know I have neglected my website and music career and people who might want to follow it” post. So here it is an update and what I’m excited to share with you in the future!

2015 was one wonderfully packed year of change for me. For starters, I got to marry my favorite person in the world. I’ll save on the gushing BUT some of it involves new music so a little sharing never hurt anybody, skip this paragraph if you don’t feel like dealing with a little cheese today.

Dave and I met playing the same venue at SXSW in March 2012 (Thank you, Pete!) we are both singer-songwriters and we knew that our friends and family would expect some music from us at the wedding, we expected it from us, but also knew that we both cry when we are happy (disclaimer, Dave’s threshold is much, much higher than mine. I cry at small acts of kindness) and that this was gonna be a blubbering happy day so we wouldn’t be able to sing without grossing people out. Our solution? Write and record a song to share for the first time at the wedding and give as party favors. The thing is, this song is something we are super proud of and want to share with you too! It totally works for old love, new love, ours and yours. And so we put it on iTunes to share with everyone. Lyrics to the first verse…now tell me that your Granny and Granda wont love this song ;)

“If we fast forward years from now, deep laugh lines and our ears loosing sound, with a lot of life in the distant background from this day… hand in hand through the years we have come one day soon we will turn toward the sun with a lot of life since the day we begun on this day… our wedding day”


Now part 2 of this wonderfully full year.

I traveled to Philly every three weeks for a year to get my masters in applied positive psychology and met some AMAZING people while I was there. A bite-seized version of Positive Psychology is the science of well-being. The idea of “the good life” or human flourishing has been around for so long but psychology, as a field, decided to study it about a decade ago. They figured that we study what is wrong with people and how to help them why not study what is right with them and how we can support that too. This masters program is the application of this science. So I got to meet people from all over the world interested in making the world a better place through all kinds of professions; Education, coaching, business, movement, athletics, mindfulness, healthcare and guess what I was there to apply this science to… music, more specifically lyrics.

I’ll elaborate in another post but from helping kids/teens write songs for the last few years with Purple Songs Can Fly and Music Doing Good as well as being a singer songwriter and lover of lyrics I just know that there is something some powerful potential if we know where to look….and positive psychology knows where to look. So I’ve been learning, listening, talking, and writing behind the scenes about positive psychology this last year and finished my capstone in November. You can check it out here if you’re interested or just stay tuned for more blogs and let me know your thoughts!

Where do we go from here?

Well I am so fired up about what I’ve learned this last year and from the lack of performing that I’m ready to do/share BOTH. I got to play at SXSW last month and it felt SO good to play again (videos soon!) So you can expect more gigs, videos, songs, and hopefully recordings. You can also bet your bottom dollar that I’m not going to be able to contain my passion for lyrics and well-being. I’ve got some ideas of how to share and learn more about this, probably through blogs, podcasts, interviews with amazing people, speaking, workshops, the and the like. Sharing this with you guys also involves getting a little more savvy with my website and with e-mail lists. Suggestions on these things are very much welcome. Thanks for being patient with my past silence and for reading about future excitement.

With love,


P.S. My last name has changed but I’m still writing/performing as Tricia Fox… foxes have been so good to me in the past, I couldn’t give it up just like that ;)

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