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When you say “I don’t know”

What I hear is “I wanna go, wanna go, wanna go” oh oh

Ooooo, Ooooo


What I’m feeling is shame

Built up on words I couldn’t say 

Well I’m saying them now

I’m saying them now

I don’t wanna look back on life and see 

Every joyful decision weighed down, down, down 

By fear and by doubt, doubt, doubt 


Ooooo, Ooooo


I wanna yell, dance, leap, and pray

That we’ll fall in love again and again 

No more weapons 

There’s no fight to fight 

We’ll surrender

And you’ll bring me dandelions 


Ooooo, Ooooo


Unraveling fear from the outside in

A painful expression 

Release the fear that might have been

Watch the horizon 

Grow higher and higher 

Stitching sunlight and your hand 

Into mine

Surrounded by dandelions 


Ooooo, Ooooo


Surrounded by dandelions

You’ll bring me dandelions 

You’ll bring me dandelions

Yeah you’ll bring me dandelions

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