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One-On-One Facilitated Songwriting

You have a voice and a story, and I'd love to help you write that into a song. I've written songs for over two decades and helped others write songs for over a decade. While my years of experience helps me understand songwriting and holding that space for creativity, my masters in applied positive psychology helps me to encourage your voice and your story.

 Two experiences:

1)  Songwriting and a rough recording: We work together to write and record your own song. The end product will have your lyrics and a recording (with your voice or mine) and a guitar track $450

2)  The first tier plus a fully produced, mixed, and mastered song. This would be a great option if you wanted your song to be a gift or used for an event, like a wedding, funeral, or fundraiser. $950

Mothers Circles

The Gathering Album was written from my experience of motherhood. It is a time that can feel lonely but my hope is by attending a mothers circle you feel like music from this album paired with journaling and sharing in a safe environment helps you feel seen, heard, and so loved. This experience can be customized. If you are a part of a mother support group, or would like to host one for your friends please reach out for details and pricing .


Workshops, Lectures, and Consulting

  • Workshops, lectures, and consulting on lyrics and well-being: I am so very passionate about lyrics ability to impact well-being. I truly believe that it can support every human being on this planet. My master’s thesis has been downloaded over 175k times in over 200 countries, making it the most downloaded capstone in MAPP history. This tells me other people are curious abut the topic. I create custom lectures or workshops for your demographic to bring another tool for wellness. 


Back to my first passion, I love to perform. I have performed in house concerts, auditoriums, for rituals and ceremony, and as entertainment breaks in retreats or workshops. I adore thinking about your event and the best songs to play for your audience. Totally customizable, email me for questions and booking.

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