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"The Gathering" Album 

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Welcome to this labor of love. And I mean LABOR in that it took almost 10 months to grow and the birthing process feels almost as uncertain and scary as the birth off my kids! Jk. Kind of.


I couldn't be happier to share it with you. Please enjoy if you have a radio station, podcast, or platform who supports mothers please know... I LOVE talking about the album and mother and would be honored to chat and support your audience. You can contact me here.

On this page, you can find all twelve tracks of the gathering, my bio, and a short description of the songs. The first single of the album is "Never Be The Same", just in time to celebrate Mothers Day. Our world would not be the same without them. 

The Gathering

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Song Descriptions

These Hands - A song about the vast yet simple impact of our hands and the roles they have throughout our lives. 


The Call - Inspired by the Times Up movement, The Call speaks to the ancient wisdom of women and the determination we continue to have leading humanity with strength and love.


Once Upon A Time - A song to lighten the spirit and empower us to find resilience in the face of imposter syndrome.


Adornments (Ashley’s Song) - Written in 2015 for a friend who was 7 years into her infertility journey. This song sings to the little spirit who is yet to join the world.


Hey, I - A light hearted song talking to the part of my self who seemed to have disappeared for lack of use. 


New Heartbeat (Piano Version) - This song was re-recorded after having children. Originally written about how my heart beat in a new way after meeting my now husband. It takes on an entirely new meaning since growing two babies. 


Never Be The Same - This song speaks to awe. I’m in constant awe about how women sustain humanity in so many ways. So much so that the sense of self, of “I”, will never be the same. 


The Gathering - Written from the darkest place in my postpartum depression. I had a vision of ancestors, all mothers, surrounding me in a circle and witnessing my pain. Simply being seen helped me feel less alone and loved for this transition into motherhood.


Dear Body -  A letter to my postpartum body. Encompassing gratitude and confusion all the way to not just acceptance but celebration. The groove and primal call of this song just beg to be danced to. 


Love Me Anyway - A duet written with my husband, singer-songwriter Dave Ransom. This is about the hardest parts of marriage postpartum and the vulnerability of asking to be loved even when the worst parts of yourself show up. 


It’s Alright -  A lullaby for everyone, everywhere, especially parents.


You Believe In Me - A song of gratitude to the ones who believe in us when we might not even believe in ourselves. 



Tricia Fox Ransom is a singer-songwriter and thought leader on lyrics and well-being. With a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in Music from Naropa University, Tricia has studied music and lyrics' ability to create a safe place that softens the human experience. Her capstone “Message In The Music: Do Lyrics influence well-being?” has been downloaded 100k times across the world. 

Beyond her academic experiences, she has seen this alchemy play out in person while working with children in cancer treatment and end of life care as a facilitated songwriter at Purple Songs Can Fly. And again with children and teens in drug and alcohol recovery, juvenile detention centers, and with elders in assisted living as a program developer and director at Music Doing Good. 

She applied this knowledge when she wrote her album, “The Gathering,” in response to her experience of becoming a mother. While many can relate to feelings of loss, identity change, awe, and other extremes in the human experience, “The Gathering” follows her journey into motherhood, postpartum depression, and emotions like awe, grief, meaning, and purpose. With this album, Tricia hopes that her experience can help mothers feel seen, held, and loved.


Tricia was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and raised in Dubai, Texas, and Alaska. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and their two children.

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